About Us

Who we are


Our names are Alex and Adam. We are two young professionals with backgrounds in mechanical engineering and years of experience designing, analyzing and testing world-class equipment for some of Canada’s top aerospace companies. At this point you are probably wondering why we are detailing cars. The answer is simple and cannot be said any differently than: WE LOVE CARS. Our passion for cars started at an early age and continues to grow as we get older. So why have we chosen detailing specifically? Simple. We believe having a well cared for vehicle is the foundation for connecting driver and car.

What we do


At Detailing District we strive for perfection. Our engineering backgrounds enhance our ability to approach every detail in a methodical, well laid out manner ensuring every aspect of your vehicle is Examined, Corrected + Protected. When you hand over your vehicle to us, we will not only do a “job”, we will work with you on an individual basis to ensure we far exceed your expectations. This means we go further, carefully examine your vehicle’s condition, understand the root cause of any imperfections and apply the best possible solution from our arsenal of detailing products and equipment. Every detail is uniquely tailored to your individual vehicle.


Our services specialize in paint Correction + Protection using ONLY the best products and equipment sourced from around the world. Such as Correction polishes and equipment from Germany, Korea and Italy. Protection waxes, sealants and coatings from United Kingdom, Germany and United States. We also cover other areas of detailing such as the interior, engine bay, wheels, etc. You can learn more about the specifics in our Services section.

Why us


At Detailing District everything is achieved through our three core principles: CORRECT + PROTECT + DRIVE.


CORRECT: Just like building any structure, the quality of the foundation is key to its strength and longevity. The same principle applies in the detailing world. Properly and safely Correcting imperfections such as swirls, scratches, holograms and buffer trails is the very foundation for returning your vehicle to better than new condition.


PROTECT: Only after we have achieved near perfection can we move onto protecting. By using only the best products on the market your vehicle will maintain that better than new appearance for years to come.


DRIVE: Arguably the most important step is enjoying your prized possession on the open road or track. We are true enthusiasts so we very much understand this part.


These 3 seemingly simple principles are what differentiate us from a good detailer to a Great Detailer.

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